2010 Actions


December 19, 2010

Boycott AHAVA Holiday Caroling in Los Angeles: A group of CODEPINKers dressed in pink spa attire converged outside a store that carries AHAVA in LA to sing holiday carols. One of the store's owners came out of his shop, pushed us, threatened to dump a bowl of dog water on our heads, and grabbed our banner and threw it over CODEPINK cofounder Jodie's head. When we all went into the store to deliver the letter asking the store to stop carrying Ahava, the owner locked us in the store and said he was holding us, basically kidnapping us, until the police arrived. Luckily we were able to push our way out the front door and as the cops arrived they scolded the store owner for this clearly unlawful behavior. This is America, people are allowed to demonstrate on the sidewalks and sing, last time we checked.

December 15, 2010

CODEPINK and SF residents sing a holiday carol to a store asking them to stop selling Ahava. Ahava's products are produced in the illegal settlement of Mitzpe Shalem. Don't let the made in Israel sticker fool you!

December 11, 2010

AHBostonCaroling.jpgCODEPINK Boston singing Ahava boycott carols at Lord & Taylor:
"Ahava is spoiling our town" (sung to the tune of Santa Claus is coming to town)
Oh, you'd better not shop, you'd better not buy
Each dollar spent here helps, Fund apartheid
Ahava is spoiling our town

July 23, 2010

Brands.jpgCODEPINKers and allies staged an action at Beauty Brands in the heart of Kansas City to kick off the annual national US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation conference. Beauty Brands sent someone down from their KC-based corporate headquarters to talk with demonstrators. The peaceful demonstration ended with an outside demo and chorus singing of a parody of "Hava Nagila" called "Don't Buy Israeli" created by Adalah-NY.

July 19, 2010

Inside the Cosmetics convention, Ahava boss denies the Occupation, by Nancy Kricorian, July 22, 2010
On Monday, July 19th, Jodie Evans of CODEPINK and supporter Zissa went to the Cosmetics Professionals (COSMOPROF) Convention at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas to confront Ahava North America CEO Michael Etedgi for the second year in a row. Last July, Jodie and another woman did a bikini and mud protest in the Ahava booth at the convention. This year they were hoping to have a dialogue with Etedgi and to educate more cosmetics professionals about the illegal practices of Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories. More...

July 9, 2010

AH_pic_bonnieinez.jpgCODEPINK LA Action Report by Bonnie Johnson: Today Inez and I visited a couple of the shops where I called and sent letters this week. At the first place the manager and owner were out, but we talked to a retail clerk who was very concerned to hear about the issue and promised to give our info to her bosses. She also gave us their schedules and tips on a couple of other places she'd seen carrying Ahava. We thanked her and left.

At the second place, the owner, with whom I'd spoken on the phone, was there by himself. He said he was an Israeli Zionist, called us anti-Semites and told us we were supporting terrorists (he also called me personally a "bimbo" and a "hooker"). He suggested what we could do with our letter and ordered us out of his store. Since there were no shoppers inside anyway we positioned ourselves on the sidewalk with our banner (I got a nice photo of Inez above) and gave leaflets to passersby. He helped draw attention to us by coming out and honking a horn in our ears after threatening to call the police. We conversed with pedestrians and got a couple beeps from cars, even as the irate man stood between us and yelled. When we had to leave we cheerfully told him we'd be back and he not-so-cheerfully gave us the finger.

July 9, 2010


Battle Over Ricky's Cosmetics: CODEPINK joins Brooklyn for Peace protesters outside another Ricky's store.

See related article for more: Mud-slinging on Montague! Protesters say Ricky's backs Israel's ‘illegal' occupation, The Brooklyn Paper, and WPIX TV 11 Coverage of Ricky's Protest

May 25, 2010


Demonstration Outside Ricky's: CodePink-NYC and Adalah-NY staged another raucous demonstration in front of 2 stores in the Ricky's chain – one on 3rd Avenue and one on East 14th Street in Manhattan. Ricky's continues to carry the Ahava line of creams and lotions that is manufactured in an occupied West Bank colony using stolen Palestinian mineral resources taken from the area near the Dead Sea. More...

April 24, 2010

AHAVA boycott action in Austin, Texas: More than 30 people carried picket signs in front of the Gateway Shopping Center in Austin on Saturday, April 24, urging shoppers to boycott ULTA Beauty for refusing to take Ahava Dead Sea cosmetics off their shelves.

The Austin protests, which began the previous week at the Sunset Valley ULTA store, are part of an international campaign to call attention to resources taken from illegal Israeli settlements. The UN has declared the Israeli settlements in Palestine to be a violation of international law and Ahava violates the fourth Geneva Convention by exploiting Palestine's natural resources.

April 17, 2010

AHAVA boycott action in Austin, Texas
Pink Police officers declared ULTA a crime scene and cordoned off the Ahava section while about 15 "shoppers" with messages on their shopping bags performed a freeze in the middle of the store. Pink Police asked people in the store to boycott ULTA until they remove all Ahava products from their shelves. A sidewalk protest was held immediately following the action.

March 31, 2010

Manhattan, NYC AHAVA Boycott Action outside Ricky's NY
Members of CODEPINK NYC, Adalah-NY, Women in Black Union Square and other groups protested outside two Ricky's NY stores calling on Ricky's CEO Dominick Costello to stop selling AHAVA cosmetics.

March 30, 2010

Washington, D.C. Lord & Taylor Action

Seattle Action

March 27, 2010

Arlington, VA store action




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