When Congress was debating the bailout, CODEPINK was on the front lines in the halls of Congress, the streets of Wall Street and the front steps of the Treasury Department saying “Bail out Main Street, not Wall Street. As outlined in our mission statement, CODEPINK works to create a world of peace. This includes ending war, of course, but also includes a government that does not bail out failed, greed-based corporations and instead funds universal health care, public schools, green jobs, and the rebuilding of the country's infrastructure we so desperately need.

See our recent Bailout Main Street actions:

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  • CODEPINK at AIG hearings in Congress!
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We continue with our Main Street actions these past few weeks, in response to gross banker bonuses, Treasury Secretary Geithner's major mishaps and continued corporate bail-outs, all on the taxypayer's tab. Through our recent actions, we've represented the voice of American people calling for bail-outs for small businesses, homeowners, students, people without health care, and people in Iraq and Afghanistan devastated by war.