NOW: Watch and Jam - #Ahava on Home Shopping Network and We're Not Buying

Tell HSN that your summer of love won't include AHAVA Cosmetics!

My grandma, bless her materialistic soul, probably received some form of Lifetime Achievement Award from the Home Shopping Network because of how much money she spent through it. As her better informed granddaughter, I will make sure I take advantage of the HSN too, only this time to boycott Ahava. 

Today, Friday, June 10 at 8 am EST and at 10 am EST the Home Shopping Network will be featuring new Ahava products as part of their "Summer Host Picks". They will be featuring the Ahava Foot Renewal Beauty Treatment Duo and the Ahava Mineral Foot Cream during the 8 am segment and the Ahava Dead Sea Bath Salts Trio and the Ahava Mineral Foot cream on the 10 am segment. 

Will you join me in telling the HSN that AHAVA's Stolen Beauty is not a good pick for summer - (or any season for that matter)?
Click this link to fill out a questionnaire during the show to ask about the dirty truth of Ahava. Questions go straight to HSN producers and could be answered live on air!

Because of the success of our last twitter Ahava boycott culture jam, we are asking that you tweet to the official HSN Twitter page by using their twitter name @HSN_Official to direct comments about Ahava's illegal profiteering.

There are a few tweets you can copy and paste at the bottom of the page, or feel free to make up your own! 

Thanks for keeping your summer full of the right kind of "Ahava", 

Chelsea Byers and The Stolen Beauty Ahava boycott team


@HSN_Official My #HotSummerPicks do not include occupation or stolen beauty. Boycott #AHAVA Cosmetics. #bds 

@HSN_Official Watch, Shop and... aid to occupation of Palestine? Discontinue sales of illegally made @AHAVA_US cosmetics! #bds

@HSN_Official Why does Ahava label its goods products of Israel when they're made in the Occupied West Bank? #Ahava #bds

@HSN_Official Why is the #Ahava factory in an illegal settlement in Occupied Palestine? That's not pretty. #bds @boycottahava

Why is there a boycott campaign against @Ahava_US? #Ahava @HSN_Official #BDS

Why have 10 rabbis signed onto a boycott against @Ahava_US cosmetics? @HSN_Official @boycottahava

What's pretty about occupation profiteering? @HSN_Official shoppers, don't buy #Ahava #BDS

@HSN_Official #Ahava means love in Hebrew, but what's loving about #stolenbeauty? #BDS

@HSN_Official Why is the @Ahava_US factory in an illegal Israeli settlement? #Ahava #BDS @boycottahava

I don't want stolen goods in my home, and you shouldn't either!  @HSN_Official shoppers beware of #AHAVA #stolenbeauty




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