Action Alert Archive - 2005

December 29, 2005
2006: Our Field of Dreams

December 22, 2005
Sing With Us!

December 15, 2005
Send a Gift of Peace to Your Friends & Family

December 2, 2005
Say NO to war toys and shop CODEPINK Style!

November 22, 2005
Join us in Thanking Murtha's Call for Peace!

November 17, 2005
Celebrate Thanksgiving in New Orleans

November 9, 2005
Veterans Day: Love the Troops - Hate the War!

November 1, 2005
Youth Peace Movement Gains Momentum

October 24, 2005
Not one more day, not one more dollar, NOT ONE MORE LIFE!

October 21, 2005
Real World Travel - CODEPINK Style!

October 17, 2005
2000 Too Many - $200 Billion Too Much!

October 5, 2005
Call Your Senators TODAY: Stop Torture NOW! No Domestic Budget Cuts!

September 29, 2005
Our Glorious Week of Anti-War Protests & More!

September 22, 2005
The big week is here: let the anti-war protests begin!

September 14, 2005
Hold Bush Accountable, Come to Washington DC!

September 3, 2005
Immediate Relief for Hurricane Katrina Victims: Join us NOW!

August 31, 2005
Joining with Cindy Sheehan, Mothers Around the Country demand 'Meet with Us!

August 24, 2005
Knocking on Bush's doors from Crawford to the White House

August 19, 2005
Update on Cindy Sheehan and Camp Casey

August 15, 2005
Brighten Cindy's Day, Our Pink Rose of Texas

August 10, 2005
Tell George Bush: Meet with Cindy and Bring the Troops Home!

August 7, 2005
Urgent: Join Cindy Sheehan in her sta nd at Bush's ranch in Crawford, Tex

August 3, 2005
You'd be a better diplomat than Bolton

July 29, 2005
Join Lance Armstrong, Tell Bush to Get Out of Iraq

July 14, 2005
Downing Street: The Road to Impeachment

July 6, 2005
July 23: Expose the Smoking Gun

July 1, 2005
A Beacon of Light on a Dark News Day

June 25, 2005
What An Amazing Week We Have Had!

June 21, 2005
Reclaim July 4!

June 14, 2005
Memo-Gate: Demand the Truth!

June 7, 2005

May 31, 2005
Get us an exit strategy and win one of your own...!

May 26, 2005
Breaking News - we're making a difference!

May 25, 2005

May 18, 2005
Galloway tells the truth, a MUST watch, then join us to OPT OUT

Let us Celebrate 2 MAJOR Victories!
May 14, 2005

May 14, 2005
Let us celebrate two MAJOR victories!

May 10th, 2005
Wear a Number: Support Dissent & Count the Cost of the War

May 4, 2005
A Flash Video That Speaks to The Original Call for Mother's Day

April 27, 2005
Mother's Day Call to Action

April 20, 2005
Mother's Day Call to Action: STOP THE KILLING

April 14, 2005
Stop the Next War Now is coming to a city near you!

April 8, 2005
Resist! Two things you can do right now to take action against the Bush Administration

February 17, 2005
Say NO WAY to another $82 billion for war and destruction

February 16, 2005
Great news! Camilo Mejia Released from Prison

February 11, 2005
Have a Heart: Support women veterans

February 4, 2005
Global Week of Action for Women's Rights

February 1, 2005
Become a Citizen Ambassador

January 28, 2005
Say NO to Gonzales and to the Sorry State of the Union!

January 25, 2005
CODEPINK speaks out at Bush's inauguration

January 15
Commemorate Dr.King

January 10, 2005
Aid to Fallujah delivered, with love

January 7, 2005
Send thanks to Jones and Boxer