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Dear Activist,

Thank you for joining the Stolen Beauty boycott campaign, we are already making waves. We had our first major victory recently when Oxfam acknowledged that they had suspended all publicity work with Oxfam Goodwill Ambassador and Ahava spokeswoman Kristin Davis for the duration of her endorsement contract. Articles about the suspension appeared in major newspapers, starting with Page 6 (the gossip section) of The New York Post. The CODEPINK Stolen Beauty campaign was mentioned prominently in an article in The Jerusalem Post, and The Young Turks interviewed Nancy K about the controversy. The Real News Network also did an in-depth look at Ahava and the Livnat family, which owns a controlling interest in the company.

We had another minor victory recently when we noticed that Ahava had pulled the directory of stores carrying their products from the Ahava U.S. web site. While their doing this will make it harder for activists to find stores to contact and/or protest, it also made it harder for shoppers to find the product at a local seller. Luckily for us, we had already made an excel spreadsheet with all the contact information before the list disappeared from the site. 

Now that we have their attention, we need your help to build the pressure on Ahava and educate others about the boycott.  Here are a few ways you can take action with us.

 1.    Join our on-line action team to respond to Ahava marketing postings on beauty blogs, Twitter and other venues. It's easy-just click here to join our google group and we will send you what you need.

2.    Sign up to deliver an Ahava boycott letter to a store or stores near you, and then make follow up phone calls to find out the manager or owner's response.  If the store refuses to respond, you may want to coordinate a muddy action, using our simple 10-step guide. To get a list of stores in your area that carry Ahava and cool tips for action, contact us at

3.    Can you make a few phone calls?  Help us pressure a few key stores to stop carrying AHAVA--we'll give you the phone numbers, and you can call and ask that the store discontinue selling this illegal product. Contact

We will provide you with the tools you need to do one or all of the above. With your help, we can continue to keep the pressure on, and really expose the dirty secrets that Ahava (and Israel) are hiding. 

Thanks so much for helping us to work against Ahava's illegal practices, and thanks also for creating hope for a just peace for Israelis and Palestinians.

Nancy, Dana, Jean, Jodie, Medea, Paris, Rae, Whitney & the Stolen Beauty team




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